The restaurant is supplied with 250 seats and live music.
The pool with a crystal clear water and exuberant greenery creates a feeling of freshness and coolness.
Here our guests can test a various specialties of Bulgarian and European cuisine.

1Cheese, sausage, butter, tomato, cucumber, bread, tea
Chicken soup, salad-cucumber, musaka, fruit, bread
Pork steak+vegetables, fried potatoes, dessert, bread
2Kashkaval /yellow cheese/, butter, frankfurter, jam, bread, tea
Vegetable soup, salad-tomato, chicken with peas, fruit, bread
Chicken steak+garnish /stewed vegetables - peas, carrots, cooked corn, bread, dessert
3Ham and eggs, tomatо, cucumder, bread, milk
Fish-soup, shopska salad, goulash, bread, fruit
Grilled fish+garnish /stewed potatoes/, bread, dessert
4Pancakes-2, jam, cheese, milk
Meat soup, cabbage salad, chicken with rice, bread, fruit
Barbecue+garnish /tomatoes, fried potatoes/, bread, dessert
5Eggs-2, butter, bread, tea
Tomato & cucumber, beans with sausage, bread, fruit
Cutlet+garnish /fried potatoes/, bread, dessert
6Cheese, ham, bread, butter, tomato, cucumder, tea
Chicken soup, chicken with potatoes, tomato salad, bread, fruit
Fish+garnish /mashed potatoes/, bread, dessert
7Banitsa, yoghourt
Chicken soup, shopska salad, pork with cabbage, bread, fruit
Viennese cutlet+garnish /fried potatoes, tomato, cucumber/, bread, dessert